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Cresent moon in the middle of a dark blue sky with purple horizon

Holistic Trauma Counselling, Self-Connection, and Skills for A Life Worth Living

Support Through Your Darkest Times


Why Lunar Light?

Lighting the way...

In times that are difficult, often people look to the moon for strength and inspiration finding the moon energy to be healing and a connection to wisdom, intuition, and spirit.

The moon provides light in the midst of darkness, and in that same way, supportive, compassionate counselling provides a way for us to see when we are overwhelmed by the heaviness life can bring.

The Lunar Light team to provide support to guide you through the dark moments, to help you connect with healing energy that is all around but also within you.

Alana with blue and purple hair in a top bun, wearing a black shirt with blurred background.
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Free Consultation

New Clients Only

If you are new to counselling, or just new to us, a short phone consultation is an opportunity to ask some questions and get a feel for your counsellor. 
(15 minutes)

Individual Counselling Session

Virtual, Telephone or In-Person

One-on-one counselling. Sessions provide an opportunity to explore your problems, stressors, hopes, fears, and needs, while building tools and skills to help you heal and move forward.
(50 minutes)

Couple's  Counselling

Virtual, Telephone or In-Person

Counselling with your partner to work towards stronger more respectful communication, understanding, and compassion. 

(75 minutes)


Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)


Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) uses eye-movements that mimic REM sleep to reprogram the brain directly.

Using visualization and imagery, as well as voluntary image replacement and eye-movements, ART reduces negative sensations and reactions to triggers.




Reiki treatment to support healing and moving toward your highest good. Treatments are followed by an opportunity to discuss the experience and any emotions that may have arisen during treatment.
(45 minutes)

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What Clients Think of Lunar Light

Alana has been an incredible help in my journey towards becoming my best self. She is supportive and provides a comfortable and safe space. After a few months of regular sessions she recommended I try ART therapy to help in the areas where I felt most stuck. Two sessions of ART later and I feel incredible! There are things in my life I felt I would never recover from but with Alana’s help and through ART I finally feel like I have the capability to move on from and cope with these issues.


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