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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Hello there!

As the title suggests, the #MoonlitMusings blog is about all the things- mental health, relationships, emotions, boundaries, and self-care. I will share insights from my own mental and emotional health journey, healing from trauma, learning to love and respect myself, building healthy boundaries and relationships, and navigating the ups and downs of parenting and loving others with their own mental health struggles.

There will be serious posts about the struggles of healing because you know what- it can be hard. There will also be funny posts because sometimes you have to laugh, and healing is also freeing. I will offer what I have learned, and suggestions for coping and moving forward.

I want to be very clear here- I AM NOT THE EXPERT on your healing. You are. So what I share is what worked for me, or what I have seen help others. What worked for me is not the only thing that works, so go gently into this journey, try some things and if they work AWESOME! If they don't, also GREAT! Keep going because finding out what doesn't work for you also gets you closer to what does work!

Thank you for taking time to be part of my little mental health community.

I am glad you are here.


Alana at Lunar Light

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