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Areas of Experience

Relaxing at Home

Mental Health and Wellness

You find yourself laying awake at night with racing thoughts.

A feeling of heaviness follows you throughout the day.

You don't remember the last time you felt calm and relaxed.

Individuals with anxiety, depression, or even chronic stress often experience similar feelings. It can be hard to feel like yourself, and symptoms can get in the way of sleep, work, or socializing. 

Counselling can help you regain control of your thoughts, and find a sense of safety and calm even when you don't have all the answers.  

Trauma Healing

Your close relationships have been toxic and abusive.

You have childhood experiences that impact your ability to connect to others.

Trauma has made it hard to trust yourself and follow your intuition.

Sometimes our closest relationships can cause the most harm. Situations where we have no control can cause fear and distrust in ourselves and others. Traumatic experiences can replay in our minds and consume our energy.

By connecting to yourself in a safe environment you can begin to understand why trauma impacts you the way it does, and learn coping skills to be able to remain in control when trauma triggers arise. You can find the ability to live your daily life without shadows of the past taking over. 

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Couple at Home

Healthier Relationships

Individual Relationship Counselling: 

Relationships may include two (or more) individuals, but you are only in control of one of them: You. 

Individual relationship counselling is about self-exploration, discovering your needs and boundaries, learning to communicate in ways that fit your values, and being your best self. 

Couple's Counselling:

You and your partner keep having the same fights over and over.

Nobody feels heard or listened to.

Conversations turn into fighting leaving one or both of you feeling more disconnected and terrible than before.

There is a better way. You and your partner can learn how to share your feelings so that you can be heard, and how to really hear each other without defensiveness and hurt getting in the way. 

Connection to Self

Self-Discovery: Find a way back to yourself. Stressful life events can pull us away from our core selves but you are still there, waiting to be found again. 

Gender Identity and Exploration: 

You know you don't fit into the gender binary but you aren't sure what that means for you. You are figuring out what "coming out" looks like for your life, if it fits at all. 

Embracing who you are, especially when others struggle to, can be a challenge. But it is worth it to get to a place where you can truly love yourself. YOU are worth it.

Self-Esteem: There are so many reasons our inner voices can become harsh critics. It can be difficult to learn to take care of yourself, ask for help, or even take chances. It is possible to change the way you talk to and feel about yourself and move toward acceptance and empowerment.

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Vitality. Healing. Peace.

Reiki Healing Treatments

Reiki is a Japanese healing practice that promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and the healing of mind, body, and spirit. Through Reiki, practitioners are vessels for the connection of our life force energy to the Higher Power. 
Reiki treatments help clear energy blocks, release pain or discomfort, let go of attachments that don't serve your highest good, and support your vitality and best life.

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